Choosing the Perfect Wedding Flowers

1. Choose the right vendor!

The first step to your dream wedding is choosing the right florist. Ask friends and coworkers for recommendations (especially those whose weddings you loved!) and read reviews on sites like and

Also, recognize the difference between florists and event florists – the former makes bouquets for all occasions, and may dabble in wedding decor, while the latter deals exclusively in all the specifics of weddings and events.

You should feel instant rapport with your vendor. You must be comfortable and feel that they will succeed in delivering your vision.

2. Get inspired!

In order to get the most out of every meeting with your vendor, be sure to do some research before.

While brides often get caught up choosing specific flowers, instead, focus on pinning down your overall look.

  • Do you prefer round, fluffy flowers in a romantic style or the sharp lines of a modern bouquet?
  • Do you gravitate towards simple, monochromatic bouquets or do you like multicolored arrangements?
  • Do you like texture and looseness, or clean, neat, architectural designs?
  • Do you like seeing greenery?

Bring pictures of your favorite styles (from sites like Pintrest and different wedding blogs) to your florist. This will help them narrow in on what you’re looking for and guide you to the types of centerpieces and flowers they think you’ll like best.

Choosing a color scheme is an important next step in explaining your vision to your florist. It’s often beneficial to choose your color schemes after you and your bridesmaids have decided on dresses.

Another thing to consider is your lighting. Remember that the color of the flowers can be affected by how the room is lit, so make sure your green hydrangea aren’t being lit with a color that’s making them look brown!

3. Be strategic!

Now to the less fun, but ever important task of budgeting.

Don’t listen to magazines when they tell you saving money is as simple asking for flowers “in season.” While peonies are in season in May and June, they’re an expensive flower whenever you buy them.

However, there are beautiful and less expensive flowers that are available all year.

For example, hydrangea, Gerbera daisies, roses and miniature Calla lilies are all gorgeous and available all year long. And while being in season doesn’t necessarily make a flower “cheap,” choosing flowers that are not in season will make them much more costly and usually lower quality, so do avoid that.

While you may be worried about the cost of flowers, given that “they die,” don’t forget how important flowers are to a wedding. You need them for:

  • bouquets,
  • corsages,
  • boutonnieres,
  • around the ceremony,
  • in centerpieces, and
  • other miscellaneous details, such as the cake.

They should be a major part of your budget as they completely create the ambiance and beauty of your day!

Have a fun, beautiful, stress-free time planning your day!

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